Moral Autonomy and Exoconsciousness

“Without living in alignment with your primary purpose, whatever purpose you come up with, even if it is to create heaven on earth, will be of the ego or become destroyed by time. Sooner or later, it will lead to suffering. If you ignore your inner purpose, no matter what you do, even if it looks spiritual, the ego will creep into how you do it, and so the means will corrupt the end. The common saying “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” points to this truth. In other words, not your aims or your actions are primary, but the state of consciousness out of which they come. Fulfilling your primary purpose is laying the foundation for a new reality, a new earth. Once that foundation is there, your external purpose becomes charged with spiritual power because your aims and intentions will be one with the evolutionary impulse of the universe.” (Tolle, 2005)

Observe nature and you will find systems enchained to systems forming organizations increasingly more complex, incomprehensible to the human mind. This is not true only to our planet but seems to apply to the entire cosmos. It is not particular of matter also but appears to be equally applicable to moral life. Everything is interconnected. Nothing exists in isolation. Everything fits into systems that are themselves part of even larger and more complex systems and, if this wasn’t enough, it is increasingly harder not to conclude that natural systems have an intelligence of their own, that is, they are capable of self-regulation. The perception of this is embedded in some of the conceptions of the most brilliant minds of all times, including modern scientists. David Bohm’s “implicit order” and Ruppert Sheldrake’s “morphogenic fields” and “morphic resonance” are example of such conceptions.

Consider all the natural cycles (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, larger molecules like water, carbon dioxide, and so forth), balance coming from predation within a food-chain. Think about all the mechanisms of reproduction, adaptation, and evolution that make up nature. Balance is maintained within all those systems, even with some interference. What intelligence regulates them? Where does it reside, how is it maintained and what was its onset? Now, remember that all this life and mind-boggling expression of order out of chaos is maintained by the energy emitted by the Sun – the heart of the solar system, a tiny part of a vastly more complex galactic system – the milky way, which is also just a tiny part of an even larger system… and so on. Where or what this process leads to, the human mind or our present consciousness level is far from comprehending, so we limit to say… God, the supreme intelligence that governs all there is (“the all is mind; the universe is mental.” – the kybalion)!

If we have then established the notion of intelligent, self-regulating and interconnected natural systems as the basis of the functioning of the cosmos, let’s refer to them in this work as “autonomous systems” as to explore their parallels with the concept of moral autonomy, which I will briefly explain here and have already further developed in previous works.

“Heteronomy” is a concept of practical morality introduced by Jean-Jacques Rousseau to describe actions influenced by a force outside the individual. In other words, it is the state or condition of being ruled, governed, or under the sway of another. It is the counter/opposite of “autonomy”, which is the capacity to make an informed, uncoerced decision. It is clear then that all religions are heteronomous. All of them contain a system of beliefs and determined moral conduct with a clear reward and punishment mechanisms with little to no room for individual interpretations. The conception of autonomy” I here seek to establish is one based on spiritual awakening and individuation. Autonomous individuals are in harmony with the natural moral law within their hearts and minds; which we can describe as a divine spark of love, the roots of our moral life.  Exceptions apart, as they constitute a myriad of temporary deviations to the norm here described, no one needs a legal system to tell right from wrong. Every one of us is capable of empathy and compassion. Everyone of us is capable of regret, remorse, self-affliction – even when no crime has been committed. Why is that? Furthermore, if we are a soul, sparks of consciousness, in constant evolution throughout multiple existences, what does “evolution” means? In addition to intellectual growth, it means to develop a deeper and clearer connection with this natural moral law within us, a sort of compass or expression of the superior intelligence that governs the cosmos. Every regret leads us to a better understanding of the law, which is an integral and essential part of our nature, therefore apprehending the law confounds itself to self-knowledge and self-actualization. A deeper recognition of the natural moral law within us confounds itself to a deeper recognition of our spiritual nature and our connection with God. It is because every one of us are destined to fully apprehend the moral law that we are equal, although we do not equally apprehend and express this moral law presently. Regardless of where each of us is in this process, anyone who grounds their morality within themselves, establishes it through this natural moral law and becomes morally autonomous. Moral autonomy is about establishing a profound connection with our true nature (which is why it is also commonly referred to as “awakening”) and thus becoming vehicles of expression of superior forms of intelligence and organization – parts of a system. It is a state of redemptory sovereignty. As in a holographic system, the parts reflect the whole and the whole is reflected on its parts. I suspect Jesus referred to this when said “It is not I but the Father within me who does the works” and “I can of my own self do nothing”.

It should be self-evident that as a certain critical mass of our humanity attains this consciousness state, Earth will be a very different planet. Although the humble knowing of being less than a grain of sand in the ocean, there should also be a grandiose certainly of being merged with all there is. Autonomous individuals certainly continue to ask: “what do I want from life”, yet, most importantly, they also ask “what does life want from me”, “how can I be of service”. Humanity’s crossing of the moral autonomy borders as here described is also humanity’s ticket to the advent of exoconsciousness, where we are invited to co-create with other intelligent grains of sand throughout the cosmos as part of a largely more complex autonomous system. The term “exoconsciousness” was first coined by Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle as “(…) innate ability of humans to connect, communicate, and co-create with extraterrestrials.” (Rey Hernandez, et al., 2018). Dr. Hardcastle adds that:

“The EH [exoconscious human] perspective, in which Humans are one race of beings, is a sane, healthy path forward for humanity, Earth, and our entry into the populated Conscious Cosmos of Beings. This process may provide for a functional means to maintain the independence and sanctity of the human—anchoring them to Earth and simultaneously opening innate abilities to relate to NHI [non-human intelligent] beings throughout the cosmos and gradually moving respectfully into space. EHs affirm that the Earth’s galactic future will be determined by its sovereign citizens. This galactic future is based on the conscious co-creation of independent humans and all sentient beings of our planet. It may be accomplished by raising human consciousness through awareness of our seeded extraterrestrial NHI nature and connection. Consequently, EHs become aware of and integrate the NHI origins, dimensions, and abilities of their human consciousness. That’s a mouthful, but each word and overall concept has an important and collective interrelated meaning. More specifically, it suggests that EVERY human has an innate ability to connect with NHI and their civilizations. It means that human beings and NHI share common origins and biological star stuff. Further, humans possess multi-dimensional consciousness, and by virtue of consciousness, humans may be able to connect, communicate, and co-create with NHI. Speculative limits of human consciousness are false gods. We are way too early in developing multi-dimensional consciousness to set limits. It would be like a parent deciding their child should be limited, in any way.” (Rey Hernandez, et al., 2018)

In future postings, we should further develop those ideas and discuss co-creation/collaboration, modern social movements, and the establishment of new social paradigms on Earth.


Rey Hernandez, J.D., M.C.P., Dr. Jon Klimo, Ph.D. and Dr. Rudy Schild, Ph.D., [ed.]. 2018. Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence. 2018. Vol. Volume 1. ISBN-13: 978-1721088652.

Tolle, Eckhart. 2005. A New Earth: awakening to your life’s purpose. s.l. : Published by Penguin Group, 2005. ISBN: 978-1-101-01089-1.

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