AWAKE Spirituality in Everyday Life


We believe we are on the verge of a new era, marked by groundbreaking progress to all areas of human knowledge. In the New Age that is nearly upon us, we will start to understand that the human biological organism involves a series of interacting multidimensional vehicles of expression of consciousness. We will understand that we express ourselves in all of those subtle and complex dimensions and that we are part of a much larger human family. We speak of a time when Earth humanity will finally find company in the cosmos. But naive would be to think we can sit and wait… rather, we see that outer transformations are a reflection of inter reforms. Truly, we need to be the change we want to see in the world!

It was in this context that the word AWAKE was inspired to us, followed by “Spirituality in Everyday Life”. Are we, who call ourselves spiritualists, living our spiritual values? Are we applying those ethical principles at work, at home, in all of our relationships, etc? What does it mean to “be a spiritualist”? Is there any true spiritualism when it is not applied to everyday life? And, if we are serious about spirituality, how to align it with reason, with rationality? For us, “Awaking Spirituality in Everyday Life” has two basic elements:

  1. Awake means “to see and understand”… and true understanding involves more than just the heart, or blind faith. Progress in the path of awakening requires inner and outer research. Yes, “research”, from a rational and scientific perspective – because spirituality based on opinion, dogma, common sense or mysticism won’t take us much further. It is indispensable to connect heart and mind as to uncover the multiple dimensions of the cosmos and ourselves.
  2. Spirituality in Everyday Life means “practice”, “walk the talk”! Who are you and what is your impact (positive or negative) in the multiple environments you attend and relationships you maintain? Spirituality devoid of ethics is fruitless and good ethics is best demonstrated with actions.

Our goal then is to connect multiple holistic disciplines, breaking the boundaries between Left and Right, Science and Spirituality, East and West, Win and Yang, Heart and Mind… aiming to promote true inner development and outer transformation.

Our ultimate goal is simply to see a fair, peaceful and happy world for everyone. We know this depend on each individual’s commitment to moral development, so we start with ourselves. In this site then, you will see the result of each of this page member’s research and reflections for inner development. Hopefully it will be helpful for you as well and you are free to collaborate with us with your own spiritual research and reflections. In the process of inner discovery and exploration, why shouldn’t we connect and contribute to each other? That’s the thinking behind our work. Here we can share discoveries, research materials, insights, etc. The key difference between our proposal and the bulk of what is out there is that we truly aim to study holistic disciplines from a rational, scientific perspective; distinguishing opinions from facts and challenging dogma, blind faith, mysticism and taboos. If this resonates with you, join up and let’s AWAKE the world – starting with ourselves!


We are on the verge of a new era, marked by the interconnection and groundbreaking progress to all areas of human knowledge. I speak of a time when Earth humanity will finally understand that it is more than a collection of intelligent animals organized in societies. I speak of a time when we will know, collectively and beyond reasonable doubt, that we are expressions of an intelligent principle and we are not the only collective expression of this principle in the cosmos. But naive would be to think we can sit and wait for the promised heaven… rather, it is critical we comprehend that outer transformations are a reflection of inner reforms and that the answers for something new cannot come from old models. That’s exactly why WE and not THEY need to change. Let me explain a little better…

If we are on the verge of a new era, then we are on a transitionary period or planetary scale. But is there evidence of this? Of course there is – loud and clear. In every continent we see a progressive collapse of the established social, political and economic regimes; no matter what they are. The world seems to be upside down. Depression, anxiety and cancer rates are skyrocketing. We, as a growing global society, are arriving at the certainty that our present form of societal organization no longer serves us. We want the end of hunger, poverty and wars – but don’t know how to affect it. We want a different kind of government, a different king of educational system, different economics, labor organization, compensation, etc. We are beyond small reforms here and there, our institutions as a whole no longer serves us.

And please do not fall into a victim and blaming mode; pointing out how everything external to you is wrong. The present government is wrong. Friends, family, work partners… This is so common these days, right? What is the quality of your relationships? Starting with yourself (self-love), then moving to your conjugal life (or related), your family, extended family, work, friendship circles, neighborhood and acquaintances, etc. How healthy are those relationships and more importantly, how do you contribute to their health and betterment? How do you affect positive transformations the environments around you and the individuals in contact with you? How much “light” can you really claim to shed? It was pondering on those elements that I understood that OLD models, ALL OF THEM, are obsolete. The answer for how we will organize ourselves in this new era will come not from the outer environment, but from within; and not within a single bright and revolutionary person – but all of us. That’s why WE and not THEY need to change.

So, what to do? How can we be the change we want to see in the world? Perhaps you have been seeking some sort of engagement for change. If you like our proposal, then the engagement can start here and now. So, what’s our proposal? It is simple and starts with AWAKE Spirituality in Everyday Life, as noted above. Now we develop this initial concept around two key elements that are also how we organize content in this page: Inner Light and Brighter Future.

Inner Light

Inner Light springs from your personal experience accessing true knowledge. The use of the term “true” here evidences the fact that we are not interested in dogmatic religious concepts, mystical beliefs or blind faith. We are also not interested in the kind of skepticism that regards only that which support certain paradigms of choice or in scientific certainties that haven’t been proved but will sure be proved shortly (I hope you noticed the sarcasm!). Here, we care for the genuine curiosity, centered in rationality but free of prejudice. We seek to strip ourselves from the excesses and errors of both, religion/spirituality and materialistic sciences by questioning, researching and exercising rational faith.

If this resonates with you, chances are you are an awaken “free thinker” and this is what we seek and promote. So, by using the term “true knowledge”, we refer to your personal, subjective contact with “The Truth” and not “the current version of the truth” that will soon be outdated and proved wrong. How do you know you have extended your contact with “The Truth”? True knowledge is only that which transforms you from within, promoting an internal movement for positive and ethical action. Information is not knowledge, especially when we speak of rational spirituality, self-improvement and ethics. Any real progress in those areas should be followed by profound inner transformations that expands you consciousness, changes your paradigms and, in consequence, impacts all of your relationships. Albert Einstein’s phrase “the mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size” reflects well what we mean here. And more, consciousness expansion is also always evidenced by a distinct sense of inner freedom; freedom from all of that which prevents you from achieving complete health, well-being and happiness. As Jesus said more than two thousand years ago, “then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free (John 8:32)”.

So, I hope it is clear at this point that everything changes when your Inner Light shines brighter! Now, at the risk of repeating myself, let’s be very clear here… one cannot gain knowledge simply from reading multiple books, watching seminars and memorizing a vast sum of data. Information can only lead us to achieve knowledge, if and only if, that piece of information promotes within us a greater connection with “The Truth”. Knowledge then is a subjective experience that requires self-discovery, desire for true betterment, effort, discipline and honesty – even to acknowledge that we’d rather ignore. It is neither simple nor easy, but our goal is to help facilitate this process sharing Research Materials, Practical Exercises and personal Reflections (Blog); that’s how we will organize anything shared in this section.

  • Research Materials allow you to reflect and reach your personal greater connection with the truth. It could be considered a more qualitative tool, although of a much greater objective value as compared to Reflections.
  • Practical Exercises allow you to practice introspection, self-discovery and identify blind-spots. This is where we share ways to exercise greater Inner Light. It could be considered a more quantitative tool.
  • Reflections (blog) allow us to share our personal insights and experiences in seeking greater and brighter Inner Light. It is subjective! It is Ephemeral! My opinion tomorrow might be different than today. It is the same for you and this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t share it. So, Reflections are inspirational materials that indicate personal opinions as of the time they were written. But perhaps they will spark thoughts within you that lead to Inner Light.

If you seek strengthening your Inner Light to build a Brighter Future, this platform is for you!

Brighter Future

Brighter Future comes from our collective impact. First as the collective result of our personal moral impact to the environments around us and the relationships we maintain. An equitable society can only be forged by ethical people, as explained in the first part of this text. Furthermore, Brighter Future is about a growing movement for change. It is about finding people who prefer to align and connect themselves with the emerging rays of light of a new and brighter Era instead of focus (and therefore identifying and connecting themselves) with the darkness of the past. It is about connecting people who are not willing to engage in finger-pointing and blame and complaint about everything, but instead want to focus their energy on “how things should be”. If you seek strengthening your Inner Light and collaborate for a Brighter Future, this platform is for you… and if we have so much in common, why shouldn’t we try to know each other? Contact Us! Under the future “Brighter Future” section, we could (or should) come up with projects that are supported collectively. It will all depend on how big we are and how much we are willing to engage and do. The first step is really for us to connect ourselves at a more personal level, share our ideas and projects and go from there. If this proposal resonates with you, let me know and we go from there…

  • Projects of Social Impact allow us to engage in a movement of change. Such projects must not be against anything, but 100% pro something positive and ethical. For example, “water or nutrition for all”. In this platform, we recognize and acknowledge light and the shadows, but we focus on light only!