What is Your Love Language?

A practical exercise of spirituality is only one that puts ideas into action. Knowledge devoid of motion does not exist outside the physical brain. Spiritual wisdom is only achieved when knowledge (concepts and ideals) reach the heart and is then put into action through our daily activities among others. This is why there is no … Continue reading What is Your Love Language?

From Divine Spark to Free Will and Beyond

The animistic phase goes from the atom to the higher animal. In this period, the spiritual principle is developed naturally by the impulse of the pleasures and pains, then governed by the instincts and passions, elaborating itself through the evolution of species. Then comes the human life, when the intellectual-moral evolution occurs. The soul, at this stage, begins simple and unlearned, that is, without morality and intelligence. In the first few lives, not much change is affected, Kardec explains, continuing the spirit under the infallible command of the instincts. After hundreds or thousands of lives, reason starts to bring forth the understanding. Only then does free will develop the capacity for rational choice, that is, with an understanding of the options. Only then the spirit becomes responsible for both the mistakes made and the progress made.  Finally, when the spirit awakens its virtues, and overcoming all imperfections contracted over the time, it begins to assume missions in the universe. It assists another spirit to overcome its difficulties, become the guardian spirit of someone else, help a family, a group, a nation, a planet. It can then participate in the creation and evolution of the species of a planet, then acquire responsibilities to an entire solar systems, then galaxies and so forth. The co-creative spirits assist God in the establishment of universal harmony, voluntarily and cooperatively.

Paid Mediumship: A Risky Business

By Ricardo C. Mastroleo, Ph.D., Allan Kardec Spiritist Educational Center . Source: http://www.aksec.org/Articles/PaidMediumship.pdf Spiritism is based on natural, and therefore, universal laws. However, the way it must be introduced and taught to anyone who is new to its core ideas strongly depends on each individual’s cultural values, religious background, and personal motivation to learn this new body … Continue reading Paid Mediumship: A Risky Business

Spiritism: The Work of Allan Kardec and Its Implications for Spiritual Transformation

By Alexander Moreira-Almeida Source: http://www.metanexus.net/essay/spiritism-work-allan-kardec-and-its-implications-spiritual-transformation Despite the growing discussion about science-spirituality relationships, there remains many problems in integrating spirituality and scientific knowledge. This debate has often been characterized by radicalism and mutual denial. As another consequence of the contemporary emphasis on rationality and empirically based knowledge, building a strong and acceptable base to support the spiritual … Continue reading Spiritism: The Work of Allan Kardec and Its Implications for Spiritual Transformation

Brazilian Mediums Shed Light on Brain Activity During a Trance State

Originally posted by http://www.newswise.com on 14-Nov-2012 10:00 AM EST. Source Newsroom: Thomas Jefferson University Newswise — (PHILADELPHIA) – Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil analyzed the cerebral blood flow (CBF) of Brazilian mediums during the practice of psychography, described as a form of writing whereby a deceased person or spirit … Continue reading Brazilian Mediums Shed Light on Brain Activity During a Trance State