Course Proposal

This course offers a basic understanding of the foundations of Spiritism as established by Allan Kardec. It will be developed through articles and videos placed in this page (see links below) as well as virtual group discussions. Participation in those group discussions is highly recommended as it provides a remarkable opportunity to clarify questions, hear points of view shared by others, further develop the concepts covered in the course, etc. If you’re interested in participating on such groups, please CONTACT US or e-mail

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Preliminary Course Program

    Science, Religion & Spirituality
                 Published Article: Science, Religion and Spirituality

  • Historical Context of Spiritism
                Published Articles: 
                         Historical Context of Spiritism (part 1)
    Consciousness @ Human StageVehicles of Expression of Consciousness
    Different Categories of Inhabited Worlds Life in multiple worlds
    • Earth + Planetary Transition
    • Transmigration
    Evolution Over the Different Kingdoms of Nature
    Medianimic PhenomenaBasic Aspects of Mediumship and Animism
    • Classification and mechanisms
    Some Key Ethical Aspects of the Spiritist Science


Is there a cost? No. This course is a work of charity and fraternity. Living and spreading values such as Love, Freedom, Equality and Fraternity is the best reward anyone can offer for its development. This course is based on the understanding that voluntary collaboration is key to a Brighter Future!

Are there pre-requisites? No. In any case, reading of all works of Allan Kardec is highly recommended, starting by “Spiritism in its Simplest Expression”. Also read the following blog posts and materials from other sources.

Why will the course benefit me? The course should challenge some of your assumptions and paradigms, offering the opportunity to make breakthroughs in your own areas of intellectual or spiritual exploration.

Who facilitates this course? The course was designed and maintained by Rodolfo de Oliveira, BSChE/MBA. Rodolfo was born and raised in Brazil, where he was exposed to spiritualist sciences such as Spiritism, Conscientiology, and Projectiology. Rodolfo has studied spirituality for over a decade, seeking to comprehend and verify metaphysical postulates from a rational and scientific perspective. In the U.S., Rodolfo has founded multiple spiritualist study groups in Oregon and is now a major contributor to this group and webpage.