Inner Light springs from your personal experience accessing true knowledge.

This is the area where we share the results of our holistic studies; always focusing on connecting multiple sciences and providing sources and validation for the information shared – as much as possible and reasonable. If you like our studies, please share your insights, questions and comments. If you like to contribute with our work, contact us! Tell us how this material helped you in your personal journey and certainly let us know if you think we got something wrong.

We plan to supplement the materials shared here with videos posted on our YouTube channel and texts shared in the Blog section of this site. Make sure to check them out!

Our study materials are organized as follows:

Courses allow you to reflect and reach your personal greater connection with the truth. It could be considered a more qualitative tool, although of a much greater objective value as compared to Reflections.

Practical Exercises allow you to practice introspection, self-discovery and identify blind-spots. This is where we share ways to exercise greater Inner Light. It could be considered a more quantitative tool.

Reflections (blog) allow us to share our personal insights and experiences in seeking greater and brighter Inner Light. It is subjective! It is Ephemeral! My opinion tomorrow might be different than today. It is the same for you and this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t share it. So, Reflections are inspirational materials that indicate personal opinions as of the time they were written. But perhaps they will spark thoughts within you that lead to Inner Light.